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goals is to support and develop the technology industryas well as the advancement of the level of these industries and stand beside them to help them improve performance.


Security Metal Detectors Gate Standard Programs Over 20 application programs included Sensitivity Up to 200 distinct sensitivity levels Zone Indications 33 independent zones Overhead Control Unit All electronics—LCD, alarm light, LED bar graph, control touch pads— integrated to eliminate wire exposure. Tamper-Proof Settings Three access levels of security clearance Self Diagnostic Program Complete and automatic Zone Sensitivity Boost Adjustable in six areas Battery Pack (optional) 10-hour or 30-hour backup available Warranty 24 months, Limited Parts/Labor Passageway Interior Size Width 30" (0.76 m) Height 80" (2.03 m) Depth 23" (0.58 m) Overall Exterior Size Width 35" (0.90 m) Height 87" (2.21 m) Depth 23" (0.58 m) Shipping Size Width 35.5" (0.90 m) Height 91.5" (2.32 m) Depth 6.25" (.16 m)Temperatures Operating: -4º F (-20º C) to +149º F (65º C) Humidity to 95% non-condensing Storage: -40º F (-40º C) to 158º F (70º C) Power Fully automatic 100 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hertz, 45 watts; no rewiring, switching or adjustments needed.  


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